Service prices



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The price of services is composed of:

The costs of service personnel

To ensure the smooth running of your consultation with an endobiogeny specialist, the entire team contributes. Without them, it would be impossible to guarantee the smooth, consistent, and successful conduct of your consultation, and the clinic would not thrive or grow.

We are a transparent company, not supporting the shadow economy and paying all taxes. It is precisely to ensure transparency that we have completely abandoned cash payments. Therefore, our clients can only pay by bank card, bank transfer, or using the Perlo terminal.

The face and voice of our team are our administrators. They welcome you and assist endobiogeny specialists in planning their work calendars. They perform all the main routine tasks without which the smooth operation of the clinic would be impossible. In order to provide safe services and ensure maximum data protection, we need to use the services of IT specialists and lawyers, invest in high-quality servers where your personal data is stored, use software that ensures the smooth work of the endobiogeny specialist. Also, no company can function smoothly without administration – manager, accountant, and nowadays, marketing services.

Salary of endobiogeny specialists

Our team could not function without its soul – endobiogeny specialists – who are excellent at understanding and loving their work. We have attracted some of the best endobiogeny specialists in Lithuania to our institution. We understand how many hours need to be devoted to learning, constant deepening of knowledge. Therefore, we aim for the specialist providing services in our clinic to receive remuneration that allows them to feel dignified.

Rental and servicing of premises

In order for the clinic to organize consultations and receive patients, premises are essential. We are convinced that being in comfortable premises is more pleasant, so we aim to create an environment that is as little associated with a cold, uncomfortable medical institution as possible. Our goal is for you to feel at home, and the consultation does not cause additional stress.

Other expenses

The clinic also has expenses related to daily activities, such as administrative supplies: paper, printer cartridges. Additional expenses include various one-time tools required for the consultation, contracts with external service providers, such as medical waste disposal contracts, and so on.

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