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Knowledge that creates health


About us

Endobiogeny came into the lives of all our team members in different ways, but not by chance and at the most appropriate time. Some specialists, while working in medical institutions, were looking for more accurate diagnostics and effective healthcare solutions for their patients. Others were exploring methods to assist themselves or their loved ones with health challenges. So when we found what we were looking for and fell in love with endobiogeny, we decided to share this knowledge with everyone.

In order to achieve this goal in 2018 we opened the doors of the "Endobiogenika" clinic in Vilnius, at the Antakalnis Medical and Wellness Center. We sincerely believe in what we do because endobiogeny has brought a lot of light, awareness and most importantly good health into our own lives.

It is important to mention that we do not create miracles, miracles are created by the patients themselves. Our mission is to provide knowledge that allows people to know themselves better and enable them to make changes to restore health. But your task is to apply that knowledge in your everyday life.

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A person is valued dynamically

A person is valued dynamically – as someone dependent on external conditions and constantly changing. We hold the opinion that each patient is individual, therefore health improvement cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach.

For health improvement, we use not only endobiogeny products – herbal mixtures, but also encourage an active, conscious, responsible, and creative approach to oneself and one's health.

Endobiogeny - A Progressive Medical Discipline

In Endobiogeny, the human body is perceived as a complex and intricately interconnected system of organs, regulated by physiological mechanisms. It embodies both science and philosophy, amalgamating contemporary knowledge of Western medicine while recognizing the individual as an indivisible whole. 

Our goal is to help patients in understanding themselves better, enhancing personal awareness by taking responsibility for their health. We place great emphasis on lifestyle, nutrition, and stress management. During consultations, our aim is to gain the best possible understanding of the patient. 

When can endobiogeny help?

We are often approached by patients who want to proactively check their health, as well as those already experiencing health issues: from persistent fatigue to thyroid problems, acne, psoriasis, and migraines. Not uncommonly, there are patients who feel unwell, but according to the principles of conventional medicine, everything is 'normal'  

So, if you are suffering from fatigue, unexplained pain, health problems, if conventional medical methods do not help you or you do not want to take synthetic drugs and are looking for alternative solutions, we invite you to try endobiogeny – an additional and alternative method of healthcare tailored to each individual.

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    By being conscious, you want to take care of your health without waiting until you get sick.

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    Being mindful, you want to rely more on natural remedies, reserving synthetic drugs for essential cases and for as short a duration as possible.

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    In your family, certain illnesses repeat from generation to generation, and you want to 'nip them in the bud' now.

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    Traditional treatment methods and measures of conventional medicine do not help you. Although treatment has been prescribed for you, you do not feel any better.

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    You complain of several serious ailments, so you constantly have to take many synthetic drugs. You feel the unwanted effects of the medications you take, which bothers and worries you.

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    Do you feel poorly, suffer from constant fatigue, lack of energy, or a low mood? Do you often catch colds, suffer from recurring tonsillitis or ear infections? Or perhaps you're troubled by headaches, the cause of which you can't seem to identify?